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Are you reading these books to your toddlers?

3 minute read, Written By: Momly

“Children are made readers in the lap of their parents”, they say. We subscribe to this idea totally. Just like we hold their little fingers while they put their feet to walk, we need to support them in the journey of reading too. Reading aloud is a precursor to raising a reader. Now that we have lodged our minds to books, let’s look at the good books to start the habit.

It is a problem of plenty when it comes to books. Too many choices and so little time, isn’t it? Also, looking at the sensitivity of the current world we live in, it is all the more imperative to be mindful of the book choices for our children. When we have established an appetite for books in them, next is choosing the correct choices of books that are replete with fun, visuals, entertainment, empathy and information. Momly edit has listed out some of the favourites from moms’ bookshelves and also from our dream library expert’s shelf. Pour your eyes on these reads and make your children’s reading hour enjoyable.


Gajapati kulapatiGajapati kulapati by Ashok Rajagopalan is a series of books with an elephant as the main character. Set in a village with everyday people, this book is a window to a simple life and non-stop adventure. Toddlers will not stop laughing and will have a great time reading this fun book. With powerful illustrations and colour schemes made to attract young readers, this book is our first in the top 3 list.


A Room on the Broom – Legendary author Julia Donaldson’s A Room on the Broom is something which will always remain timeless. Suiting the toddlers’ mindset, this book is written as a rhyme book. Having heard about witches, you will always think of them as wicked, feisty and evil-minded. But this witch is the opposite and is as friendly as a bee to honey. They face a lot of obstacles but surpass them with vigour and courage. Your toddlers would want to read nothing but this book once you introduce this to them.

A Book for Puchku – Puchku is plagued with a problem. The problem is she has read all the books and has run out of books to read. But she discovers more books on the top of a bookshelf. But who will help her to reach the books? She has her friends but are they of great help? A Book for Puchku masterfully written by Deepanjana Pal and illustrated beautifully by Rajiv Elipe is a book which will generate more interest in reading in children. The pictures on every page speak volumes and go in sync with the storyline.

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