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Baby wear in winter

How to dress your baby in winters?

5 minute read, Written By: Momly

Winter is here. Dry winds, sudden nip in the air and cool mornings are a common occurrence now. That brings in a slew of infections and viruses to the fore. Especially children are way more vulnerable to these infections due to their weak immune system. While these infections and flu are here to stay for some period of time, it is best to take care of our children to avoid them from getting infected by these illnesses.

Momly moms were discussing this very aspect on dressing baby for winters. While everyone was brainstorming on appropriate clothes and winterwear, there was one thing which moms couldn’t put it in their back of their minds. That is how to identify whether my baby is feeling cold or not, the visible and non-visible cues that they give out etc. Your baby is not vocabulary proficient to communicate their discomfort so it becomes all the more imperative to keep a tab on their non-verbal cues.

We have listed out certain points that you can use as reference guide to know if you are baby is feeing cold. Also, as it is a feat for moms to conjure up ways to make their babies warm, here is the winter wear edit by yours truly Momly to help you dress your baby smart and snug to keep them warm.

Identifying cues to know if your baby is cold


Although these signs are pretty common, it is advisable to follow your maternal instinct and take steps to keep them warm. Some of the signs that babies give out to let us know they are feeling cold are:

  • Your baby’s hands, feet or toes are cold
  • Slightly bluish hue in your baby’s hands and feet
  • Your baby tucks as much as her feet inside the blanket
  • Shivering feeling, runny nose and watery eyes


Winter wear choices by Momly

Say hi to LAYERS - Say bye to loose fitting jablas and thin clothes. Now is the time to layer up. Throw in more layers over your baby’s onesies with full sleeves shirt, woollen wear sweaters, jackets or soft woollen clothes to make them feel snug and comfortable. Dress her with full pants so that her legs are covered. You get soft thermals or fluffy fleece coats which is not very thick as conventional sweaters. It gives warmth and is very comfortable for babies in cold climes.

HATS and HOOD - Hats and hoods do not go out of style in winter wear collections. Go for head hugging snug fit hats and hoods to cover up your baby’s head and ears. You get thick sleep suit with hoodies which can be used in winters to protect your baby from catching cold.

Hello Kittens err MITTENS Mittens are ideal for your baby to keep her fingers warm. Hands and feet are the first ones to catch cold. As soon as these parts of the body catches cold, the entire body feels the chill. Warm and comfortable mittens in woollen fabric and colourful patterns fulfils the purpose to keep your baby’s body cosy.

Bundle up with a BLANKET Carry a blanket wherever you go so that even if you miss dressing your baby in warm clothes, you can just wrap her with a thick blanket and envelop her in your hands. It is also a stroller outfit as it can be used to beat the cold when you are taking your baby catch some fresh air or for a stroll around your building premise.

Baby Swaddles Swaddle up your baby with soft and gentle swaddles. You can keep the swaddles in your diaper bags or baby care essential bag so that even if you have missed carrying the sweaters, you can wrap your baby with a soft swaddle to keep them cosy and warm. Use multiple time washed old saree to wrap your baby and then follow it up with the newly bought swaddle as old sarees get softer with every wash and are gentle to the baby’s skin. Swaddles give tremendous comfort and improves their sleep quality.

Momly’s tip

Always carry these winter care baby essentials when you are stepping out so that you are prepared and do not have to fuss in the last minute. They are going to be the staples till the winter season ends its sojourn. Also, while dressing up your baby to suit the winter occasion, do not go overboard. Understand your baby’s cues and accordingly make arrangements to keep the baby warm.


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