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Looking For Family Friendly Movies?

7 minute read, Written By: Momly

Movie time is the best time when it comes to entertaining kids. Movies not only boost their imagery and give fodder to their imagination but also give an opportunity to brew more conversations around the characters and story. Parents often wonder how to introduce their kids to books and keep them latched on to them.

Sometimes, watching movies that revolve around the books that you want your kids to read is highly recommended as they would nudge your kids to pick up the book after they have finished watching them. If the book reading happens after watching movies, then this movie first method could be encouraged. However, introducing kids to movies in these highly uncensored times is a big challenge. The content has to be kid friendly or age-appropriate, should not involve any expletives or cuss words, and steer clear from any controversial topics.

We, at Momly, bring you some family entertainers which will keep your kids hooked to the television, make their TV time fun and exciting and are totally kid-appropriate. These are some of our must watch flicks which have right balance of sensitivity, fun and adventure. Also, the characters appearing in all these movies will stay in your kid’s mind long after they are done watching, which is a major win for any movies, isn’t it?


Matilda – Matilda adapted from Matilda book by Roald Dahl is a no brainer when it comes to family entertainer. A simple girl with impish grin and whimsical tricks on her sleeves will take you on a comedy roller coaster. Matilda, though towered by headstrong headmistress, feels loved and cuddled by her teacher who has nothing but love for her kids just like her sweet- sounding name.


Coco – Again a Disney rockstar movie which explores an inspiring theme of a child’s aspiration to become a musician and how his family responds to the situation. Though there is tension in the beginning, the film goes on to prove that despite all odds, family never leaves you instead it stands by you and propels you to fight the challenges with fire ignited in your heart.


Lion king – Spinoff of timeless classic that generously sprinkles imagery is a must watch for kids. With reimagining the beautiful coming of age tale of Simba, the movie exhibits and throws a significant message through the lion cub who takes pride on what he is and what all can he achieve in life.


Dr. Dolittle – If you haven’t shown your kid Dr. Dolittle, you have seriously deprived them of kid-friendly adventure. Dr. Dolittle, the main protagonist, captures your heart by his excellent communicating ability with animals. The theme of the movie revolves around family, finding family in a group of friends, and also shows the reality of loss, hardship and struggles that one takes up to make ends meet. When the times are bad and Dr. Dolittle and his animals are inundated with challenges, they use their unique talent to free each other from the jaws of danger. Kids who are growing up and making new friends will certainly feel akin to this theme.


Sound of music – Music enthusiasts is all set for a celebration of soulful music embedded in a true tale. One of the all-time classics, this movie seizes a golden position in recreating magic through musical scores especially the legendary track “Do-Re-Mi” which becomes a humming tune for every kid.


Finding Nemo - When graphics and imagery is much talked of, how can you not think about Finding Nemo. An adventurous search by the father to protect his only son is what the movie is all about but it is not to be sidelined as there is nothing nondescript about this amazing comedy drama. Kids will know the quality of kindness and acceptance from this story which more or less sums this epic tale.


Home alone – A classic which is part of every 90s kid will never lose its charm. Home alone, a movie that redefined what kid’s cinema should be is strongly etched in everyone’s hearts, isn’t it? With brilliant storyline, the exceptional portrayal by the main character, it totally claims the hot seat and will continue to hold its place for generations to come.

After some fun, adventure and musical joie de vivre, now is the time to post some films which has rich concoction of sentiments and kindness in our Momly’s gallery of movie recommendations.


The Karate Kid – Nipping bullying in the bud is important and this 80’s martial arts movie is a gamechanger when it comes to handling the bullies. The story revolves around the boy Dre and his shift to the land where he is not much accepted. Strangely so, he chances into his savior in disguise which turns the table in his favor. A celebrated classic which talks about cultural diversity, fitting into a crowd, and standing for yourself, make people pick this movie for their family movie time.


Wonder – Trying to fit in is a challenge and it gets worse when you are having some facial deformity. Wonder, 2017 coming of age drama portrayal of a boy named August with Mandibulofacial dysostosis’ is heartbreaking and sentimental movie yet will connect with every child, for it has strong emotional connect. It will teach the child how they should accept, support and handhold a new kid and should not sideline and despise them.


A beautiful day in the neighborhood – Handling emotions is a challenge for kids, especially when they are young, they are subjected to sudden meltdowns and anger. To reprimand them for their behavior is not a long-term solution but creating a floor for them to express their emotion or providing an outlet to channelize their negative feelings is what every parent should strive for. This movie starring Tom Hanks, though has a storyline of its own, draws attention to the point of handling anger and managing it in a productive way.

So, what are your all-time favorite family entertainers? Why do you like watching them with your kid? List out your top 5 favorites and share with our network in our Momly App.

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