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Mom stories - When two pink lines meant a world of emotions

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

“I was due by 10 days for my menstrual cycle. Got those regular cramps, felt gassy, and frequent checks in the washroom but DAMN!! I wasn't getting my periods. What was wrong? Had I reached an age of irregular periods or had I not noted my last period date correctly? WAITTTT!! AM I PREGNANT?? Oh shit!! Double Lined, the second time!

A mix of emotions gushed through me. I was happy as we already had plans for the second one. But NOW?? I was unsure and nervous. My toddler was going to be 3. She was learning at home with me, the potty training was under process, her routines were changing, still trying to eat on her own. The days were already exhausting. 'Will I be able to cope?', was the thought hovered. We waited and spoke to her about the baby coming up. "Oh you are getting me my baby!", she seemed excited. The moment eased us off and how perfectly my little one was all set to be the 'Elder One'.

It happened effortlessly that she would take care of me and talk about the baby. Her 'Baby Shark' rhyme would include her baby sister/baby brother too and the finger family was just growing to be larger. It was satisfying to see her look forward to the arrival of the newest member of the house. It boosted my confidence. I was able to take care of myself and also spend guilt-free time with my toddler (when I was unable to run and actively participate in her games). After the delivery, just turned elder sibling suddenly looked taller and bolder. Sometimes a rush of energy in front of the sleeping baby. The other times a responsible helper to mum. Cautiously touching the tender fingers of the baby. I felt completely houseful. Growing with two little ones, unpacking more love and fun! “


Here's how it was, the second time of Parenthood!

  • Our hospital bags were set SPOT ON! (we packed heavy during the first one)
  • We were aware and alert of what was going to happen in and out of the Operation theatre. (Though we did not show, we were panicking the first time)
  • We would know how and when to feed the baby. (The doubt was persistent with the first one! Baby cries - feed the baby, the baby opened eyes- feed the baby, did we overfeed the baby? Is the feed enough for the baby?)
  • We did not panic about the baby's sleep, feed and potty schedule ( My husband timed the feed and poops during the first one)
  • BURRRPP!! Like a PRO!
  • Baby's hold! CAN'T BE MORE CONFIDENT!
  • We felt easy and calm! (In the first pregnancy - Read the instructions thrice each time before preparing the formula)
  • We trusted Science. (We believed in myths and TOTKAs, the first time)
  • We were mastering the art of PARENTHOOD!!


Tips for fellow moms:

  • We just need to remind ourselves that we are doing Great! ·
  • The days are going to be tough. Let it pass. It's just a phase.
  • The days are going to be magical and loved. Just hold on to it. Don't let it pass so soon!
  • We will have rough mornings but our nights will be calm.
  • We are the world to our most loved humans. Make mistakes but trust your intuition.
  • Rise each day and grow every hour!
  • Mess up, get up and don't forget the important thing – Being MOM means having a SUPER POWER!!

Humans of Momly

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