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The Ultimate Guide to Read Aloud

6 minute read, Written By: Momly

Hey moms, Nation celebrated Read-A-Book Day on the 6th of September in quick succession to much-revered Teacher’s Day. Books and teaching go hand in hand. Books serves as guide, mentor, friend, and lovely companion to men. Whether you are tired or feeling lonely, sitting in your favorite nook with books takes away all your distress and fills you with energy and enthusiasm.

Ask anyone who is enjoying rain, what would they like to do in rainy weather. The most definite answer would be reading. A couch, a cup of coffee, and a book in hand - collectively a perfect recipe for mellowed monsoons that beat the window panes, aren’t they?

Read a Book Day is celebrated to promote books, the age-old asset of humans, and reading habits in individuals. Most specifically targeted towards young children to satisfy their curiosity, engage their imagination, and motivate them to dream big or achieve greater heights.

To celebrate this occasion with full fervor, we at Momly compiled a few books that you could read to your toddler. Enjoy reading aloud this thoughtfully curated list.


Top 5 read-aloud books

  • Farmer Falgu goes on a Tripby Chitra Soundar– Farmer Falgu is pissed off with the noise and goes in search of silence leaving his farming chores. A break from the routine doesn’t go in his favor as he chances upon different unavoidable situations right from a bumpy ride on a bullock cart to meeting a stranger along the way and extending help to the person. The story is a perfect read-aloud as parents can easily engage their young children with the amazing storyline and captivating illustrations. The illustrations bring imagination to life. Though it is essayed as a humorous book, it gives out important values like kindness and the significance of helping others. You can make a value flash card by writing the values and explaining them by practicing them every day in your routine. For example, for kindness, you can teach them to speak kindly to the people they meet or offer food to the poor.

  • Sudha Murthy’s Gopi Diaries – Master storyteller Sudha Mu with her book Gopi Diaries treats the children with her effervescent enthusiastic tale that is around a little pup. Told from a dog perspective, it creates fascination and love in children’s minds. Check out Gopi Diaries and other books in this endearing series. Take your toddler to any friend who has a pet dog. Ask them to be gentle to the dog and show them how it behaves and is around the house.

  • Nani’s walk to the park by Deepa Balsavar – Grandparents Day just went off. And what did Momly moms read to their children? No points for guessing. None other than this amazing and easy-to-reach story. Nani keeps on hopping from one lane to lane on her way to the park. Every tale has its own story which she happily shares with her granddaughter. After reading, you can show these lanes to your children. A happy story that brims of memories and lived-in experiences by a grandmother.

  • Where shall I go? by Nandini Nayar – Dive into this incredible piece of adventure as Sameer leaves his mom guessing till the end and does not divulge about his upcoming vacation trip. A fun quirky tale with supporting vibrant illustrations will draw you into the story from page one. Perfect staple for parents and teachers to read to the children. This story will be straight from the heart tale by Nandini as the surprise will melt your heart.

  • Amma Tell Me series by Bhakti Mathur – Introducing mythology to toddlers is crucial to make them aware of culture, gods, and the significance of the festivals. The Amma Tell Me series is an informative guide that uses an appropriate amount of text to make the children understand different Indian festivals. With rhythmic lines and brilliant and colorful pictures, the books are a perfect pick-me-up for read-aloud. After reading, show them a movie on gods and mythology stories. Attend the festival that you read to practically make them experience the fervor of the festival. Last but important, cook some Indian dishes that you make for that festival and treat your children.


5 Ways to read aloud a story –

  • Change your voice and tone. It is all about how you engage them with your voice. You can emphasize nouns to improve their vocabulary. Pronounce words clearly and exhibit the different emotions through your voice. Consider your facial expressions and tweak them to go with the story.

  • Always take a pause and follow the punctuation. Your child’s brain needs some time to process the storyline. Ask them questions in the middle like if they can follow the story or point out the character or the words and explain to them the meaning of the word. Keep the activity interactive.

  • Be more creative. Storytelling for children becomes more fun and engaging with different creative ideas that support the story. You can make props or play around drawings or games that are related to the storyline.

  • Do not rush through the text. It is not about finishing the story in one go but the whole experience and process count. Create an immersive experience with your imagination.

  • Let them explore different senses through your voice. Focus on taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell while reading the story.

Reading aloud is important to boost their cognitive thinking and imagination. Read more often to generate interest in your child’s mind.

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